Mission Statement

Kaua`i Bible Church exists so people can...

Encounter God

Belong in Community

Build their Faith

Engage in Service


Kaua`i Bible Church will grow consistently in a healthy environment to the point that: 

  • we reach a critical mass where every demographic on Kauai is well represented in the church and has multiple places to connect.

  • we have more than enough volunteers to fill every role. 
  • every member of the church is being equipped and discipled in their unique giftings to fulfill God’s purpose for this season of their lives.
  • we will need a new facility by 2022 to contain all of the people and all of the ministry that is taking place.


(The traits we hold most dear)

  1. Truth - We believe in the absolute truth of the Bible and we allow that truth to guide everything we do.
  2. Intimacy - We seek intimacy with God and with each other through the time we spend together and our spiritual interactions.
  3. Presence - We are driven by the presence of God and the filling of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
  4. Community - We do life together as an Ohana and honor the relationships we have together.
  5. Whole-Life Generosity - As God has freely given to us, we freely give of every part of ourselves including our finances, our time, our emotions, and our abilities. 
  6. Intergenerational - We desire to see different generations mentoring one another as well as worshipping and ministering together.
  7. Authenticity - We encourage an atmosphere where people can be vulnerable and transparent about both their struggles and their victories.
  8. Unity - We strive to maintain our unity through healthy communication, healthy confrontation, and focusing on our shared vision and beliefs.
  9. Excellence - We honor God and attract people through how well we relate the truths of God to the present day culture.


(How we live out our values)

  1. Word of God - We teach the Bible to all ages in the church and we encourage every believer to consistently read and study the Bible.
  2. Prayer - We practice the discipline of both personal, private prayer and corporate prayer along with fasting.
  3. Powerful Worship - We foster an environment of passionate, expressive, and prophetic worship.
  4. Discipleship & Equipping - Wherever a believer is on their journey, we want to move them further along in their faith, their spiritual maturity, and their ability to use their gifts for the Kingdom of God.
  5. Evangelism - We want to win people to the Kingdom of God by how we love them, model Christ for them, and share the gospel with them.
  6. Loving & Serving - We spread the love of God by meeting the physical and emotional needs of those in our church, our community, and around the world.
  7. Releasing - We want every believer to be empowered to fulfill their destiny in Christ whether that is at home in Kauai or sent out around the world.