CHURCH ON THE BEACH (COTB) is a once a month outreach in which Kauai Bible Church serves and gives back to the community. It exists to serve the homeless and working poor of our island. COTB began in July, 2009 and functioned the same way for almost nine years. We would close down our regular church services on the third Sunday of each month and do church outdoors on the west side. We would provide a large festival environment with a worship service, a short teaching from the Bible, and a time to pray for people's needs. We would also have booths to provide food, clothing, hygiene kits, a hot lunch, prize giveaways, and more to all of the attendees.

In 2018, we made changes to how COTB functions while maintaining our heart and vision for the poor. COTB now operates on a four month rotation providing a different outreach each month. These outreaches are still offered on the third Sunday of each month but no longer require us to close our church building every month. On the first month, our outreach trailer stops at several sites on the west side to distribute food, hygiene kits, and other necessities. On the second month, we provide a worship service on the beach for those who would not normally come inside a church building. On the third month, we provide a community event at our church property and still offer all of our COTB giveaways before and after our regular Sunday services. Finally, on the fourth month, we close down our regular church services and provide the full COTB production at a beach on the west side. Our most common locations for Church on the Beach are Salt Pond Beach Park in Hanapepe or Lucy Wright Park in Waimea. See below for the 2018 rotation and also check the church calendar for updated locations each month.

2018 COTB Rotation Schedule

Month 1 - Got Aloha? Outreach Trailer- Check back for locations

Month 2 - Worship service on the beach @10:30am- Check back for locations

Month 3 - Community event at KBC property

Month 4  (December 16th) - Full COTB Festival production @ Lucy Wright Park- Waimea

9:00am to Noon