Belong Groups are open small groups of up to 20 people for the purpose of fostering community and growth. We believe that the most effective way to grow spiritually is to be in community with other people who are following Jesus. (Acts 2:42-47, Hebrews 10:19-25) 

Belong Groups can be built around a location (i.e. home groups), a demographic (i.e. women’s group), or an activity (i.e. walking group).

Belong Groups can meet weekly, once a month, or anywhere in between. All groups last for five months and then take a month off. This helps the facilitators stay fresh and also allows people to try different groups each session if they choose.

While each group will have different activities and environments, they will all share one thing in common: the main content of the group discussions will be processing the Sunday sermon from the week before. This helps the whole church stay on the same page together. It also helps us dive deeper into conversations about understanding the sermon and how to apply it to our lives. If you missed the sermon, you can listen to it here. In the Resources link under each sermon, you will find the bulletin which contains the sermon notes and a Digging Deeper section to help you prepare for the Belong Group discussion.

We invite you to find a group below that appeals to you and check it out. If you don’t connect well to the first one you try, then just try a different one. It’s okay to check out more than one until you feel like you’ve found the best place to be in community.

home Groups

Group: Lihue (A)

Facilitators: Barry & Eileen Miyasato


When: Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

Where: Lihue - Call for directions

Group: Lihue (B)

Facilitator: Alan & Danae Castle


When: Wednesday's @ 6:30pm

Where: Lihue - Call for location

Group: Port Allen

Facilitators: Mark & Val Willman

Mark- 808-212-8292

Val- 808-645-0742

When: Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

Where: Port Allen - Call for directions

Group: South Side

Facilitators: Aaron & Shannon Chidester


When: Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm

Where: Kauai Bible Church Parsonage (behind the church building)

demographic Groups

Group: Men’s Huddle

Facilitator: Ben Kaauamo


When: Sunday’s @ 11:30am

Where: Kauai Bible Church Voyagers Classroom

Who: For all men aged 18 and above

What: Learn how you can be strengthened and encouraged daily by God as we come together in an informal time to reflect and share our thoughts about the morning message.

Group: King’s Daughters Fellowship

Facilitators: Lynn Mira, Gale Oberg, Linda McCalla

  Lynn - 808-639-2264

When: 1st and 3rd Friday of every month @ 9:30am

Where: Kauai Bible Church Sanctuary

Who: For women of all ages

What: We will start with prayer & worship songs, then circle up and discuss the content of the Sunday sermon, and end with food, fellowship time, and praying for one another.

Group: Legacy Luncheon

Facilitator: Aaron Chidester


When: The last Wednesday of every month @ 10:00am

Where: Kauai Bible Church Sanctuary

Who: For all adults ages 55 and above

What: This is a time to honor our older adults and build relationships together. We will have a fun activity time, worship to traditional songs, discussion of the Sunday sermon, and then fellowship over lunch. The main dish is always provided. Everyone bring a side dish to share.

Activity Groups

Group: West Side Game Night

Facilitator: Aaron Chidester


When: 1st Tuesday of the month @ 6:30pm

Where: Kekaha Neighborhood Center Pavilions

Who: For families of all ages

What: A night of fellowship including pot luck dinner and discussing the Sunday sermon. Each month, we might play some cards, a family board game, or a field game like bocce ball. 

Group: Guys’ Media Technology

Facilitator: Jon Sugibayashi


When: One Saturday a month @ 9:00am-11:00am  (call Facilitator for dates)

Where: Kauai Bible Church Voyagers Classroom

Who: For all guys aged middle school and up

What: Explore different media tech and how to use them to go from idea to reality.

Group: Bowling Group  

Facilitator: Aaron Chidester


When: 1/25/20; 2/22/20; 3/21/20; 4/25/20; 5/30/20

             - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Where: Lihue Bowling Alley

Who: For All Ages

What: Cost of $13 per person for 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental. Optional ramps and bumpers make it accessible regardless of age or physical challenges.