Reaching Our Kupuna

On the island of Kauai our elderly (kupuna) are held in high esteem. That is also the case at Kauai Bible Church. We strive to provide a place where kupuna are honored, cared for, and given an opportunity to continue to be active members of the church. You will find the best parking spots at our church reserved for kupuna and you will see kupuna serving alongside younger generations in all of areas of the church on a Sunday morning. We believe that our kupuna have a treasure trove of wisdom and life experience to share with the church to help raise up the generations that are coming after them. We also go out on Sunday mornings to provide church services at kupuna facilities on our island. 

Regency Puakea Service

Regency Puakea is an assisted-living kupuna facility located in Lihue. Every Sunday morning at 9:00am we provide a one-hour church service for the residents of Regency Puakea in their community room. We send two or three individuals to help lead worship using their piano, to teach from a Bible passage, and to pray for the attendees. We also provide an opportunity for kupuna to follow Jesus. You're never too old to make a decision to turn from your old life and turn to Jesus!

hale kupuna service

Hale Kupuna Heritage Home is a nursing home and long-term care facility for kupuna in Omao. We provide a church service at Hale Kupuna on Sunday mornings from 9:00am to 10:00am. Volunteers will lead worship from an acoustic guitar or ukulele and teach an encouraging word from the Bible. Residents at Hale Kupuna could be facing serious illnesses or difficult rehabilitation. We want to encourage them, minister to them, and let them know they are not alone as they face these later-in-life struggles.