Indoor Service Details:

Service times:

  • 9:00am

On-Line Registration is No Longer Needed

Keiki Ministry:

  • Keiki services will be provided. Please check in your keiki at the welcome table when you arrive. 
  • The Harbor Classroom (K through 5th grade) is now available for the entire service except for on communion Sunday we have them stay in service for worship and communion before they are dismissed to class. 
  • The Reef Classroom (2 years old to Pre-K) and The Tidepool Classroom (the nursery for babies through 1 years old) will be available for the entire service. 

Van Service

  • Van service to and from church for residents on the west side will be provided.
  • To receive van service, you must call or text Mason Moriguchi (808-482-1168) to sign up for van service
  • Van capacity is very limited (maximum of 4 to 5 riders). Be sure to sign up well in advance.
  • Mask-wearing is mandatory while riding in the van.

Alternatives to Indoor Service

  • Outdoor seating is available under a canopy directly outside the sanctuary. You are still connected to the service but a tv and speaker are provided outside to enhance the worship experience. Mask wearing is optional outdoors.
  • The services will be broadcast live in our parking lots on 100.5 FM radio. This will allow people to come to church, experience the service, and even fellowship outdoors in the parking lot, but not have to come inside. This is ideal for people that don't feel comfortable gathering indoors or that don't feel comfortable wearing masks, but you don't want to be isolated at home.
  • We will continue to provide our digital campus at 1:30pm (Hawaii time) on Sunday afternoons on all our platforms. The digital campus will be a recording of the 9:00am service.

COVID-19 Protocols:


  • Wearing cloth masks that cover your mouth AND nose will be required at all times inside the building for everyone ages 2 and older (unless you have a written medical exemption from your doctor)
  • Mask are not required outside.
  • Those ministering on stage will remove their masks during ministry time so as not to hinder communication. They will put their masks back on anytime they leave the stage.

Three-foot Social Distancing

  • Families and households can sit together during service. Each household will have three feet of space in every direction from other households.
  • Those ministering on stage without masks will be at least 10 feet away from the audience.


  • Keeping the air moving is critical for reducing the spread of the virus. Therefore, we will have all of the windows open in the sanctuary and all of the fans running at all times.
  • If you tend to get cold in the winter time, please bring a blanket or a sweater to church as we will not be turning off the fans.

Increased hand-sanitization

  • We will have wall-mounted, no-touch hand sanitizing stations in every classroom, every hallway, and at the main entrance to the sanctuary. We encourage everyone to sanitize their hands as often as possible while at church.

Kitchen & Refreshments

  • The kitchen will be CLOSED during indoor services. There will be no food, refreshments, or coffee provided during service.
  • Please bring your own water bottles and your own coffee as needed.


  • We are encouraging a maximum of two people in each restroom at a time. If you enter a restroom and there are already two people in there, please step outside the restroom and wait for one person to leave.
  • There is a single use restroom outside in the lanai if anyone feels more comfortable using that.

Handicapped-Only Entrance

  • The hallway entrance door that faces the parking lot will be deemed a handicapped-ONLY entrance.
  • Those that can use the steps at the main entrance should do so.

Offering & Communion

  • One usher will carry an offering bag through the sanctuary to receive offerings.
  • We will also provide offering drop-boxes for people to give their tithes and offering on the way in or the way out of the sanctuary.
    • Every set of household chairs will have its own-chair back pockets with pens and offering envelopes so there is no shared touching.
    • Members and guests also have the option to give on-line or using mobile device.
  • We will continue to partake in communion together once a month.
    • Self-contained communion elements will be provided at the welcome table when people arrive on Communion Sundays. 

COVID-19 Response Protocols:

  • What will we do in the event that someone tests positive for COVID-19 after attending one of our church services?
    • First, we will notify everyone that was at the same service as the individual.
      • We will NOT release the person's name unless they give us permission to do so.
      • Just being at the same service as a person who is infected does not automatically make you a close contact. The CDC defines a close contact as you spent of total of 15 minutes within 6 feet of the infected person (regardless of whether you wore a mask or not).
    • Second, if you are identified as a close contact of the infected person, the Hawaii Department of Health will contact you. They will expect you to get tested and to quarantine if you are not vaccinated.
      • If the DOH does NOT contact you, you are not required to quarantine or get tested. Of course, you may choose to do so if that is your conviction.
    • Third, we will perform a deep cleaning of our facility in accordance with CDC guidelines.
      • No activities will take place in the building until the deep cleaning has been completed.
    • Fourth, church services will resume as normal on Sunday.
      • UNLESS a significant amount of the staff or ministry team are quarantined.