Kauai Bible Church

COVID-19 Update


Aloha Kauai Bible Church,

Please read the following note in its entirety.

We continue to grapple with the present reality that COVID-19 has created for us. I have been wrestling with several emotions this week. Not necessarily fear as that is not how God has wired me, but more with stubbornness, frustration, confusion, anger, and such. I’m not happy about this situation and I stubbornly wanted to just press through and keep doing things like normal. But then, this morning, I was filled with a sense of fear. Not fear of the coronavirus, but fear of the Lord. There is no more frightening place to be than outside of God’s will.

God impressed deeply upon me the importance of my position as the primary shepherd of this church. I know how critical it is that the people of Kauai Bible Church trust that I am guiding them, protecting them, and caring for their needs. I also know that the people need to trust that I am hearing from God and operating in His will, not my own will. In chaotic times like this, people need shepherding more than ever. That is why myself along with the other pastors and elders of Kauai Bible Church have made the following decisions regarding our church activities. We are not going to press through with business as usual, we are going to operate in God’s will and minister effectively in our present circumstances.

First of all, we are going to heed the guidance of our public health officials and we are cancelling all large in-person gatherings at the church. We are going to limit our gatherings to small groups of 10 to 15 people or less and we are going to utilize on-line technology to continue to make disciples and be in relationship together. 

This means we need to share with you how we are going to have our corporate Sunday service. We are going to post our Sunday service on our website (www.kauaibiblechurch.com) and our church app (text “KBC app” to 77977). However, I don’t want us to limit ourselves to just watching service on TV alone at home on Sunday morning. That is not biblical community. We want to encourage everyone to join together with a couple of other families and watch the service together. We can keep ourselves in small gatherings but still be in community, worship corporately, and minister to and encourage one another. As you consider inviting someone to your home to have a church service with you, think of our kupuna who may not have the technology to watch the service themselves. Invite them over to your house to watch the service. Also consider inviting someone over who does not attend church. What a great way to get them comfortable with church by giving them a taste of our church in the safety of your living room!!

This Sunday, March 22nd, I am going to be interrupting our current teaching series to be preaching a message on HOPE that God just laid on my heart through our Rooted bible reading. I want to encourage all of us with the HOPE we have in Christ Jesus during these turbulent times. My prayer is that this service will minister to anxious hearts and bring peace and hope to many people who are struggling.

We are also going to begin to leverage a teleconferencing platform called Zoom for some of our groups and meetings. This will allow us to have virtual “meetings” and stay connected. If you are not familiar with using this platform, please go to www.zoom.com, download the software, and start learning the basics of how to use it. Zoom works on your computers, tablets, and smart phones.  

I would also like to call the church to a season of fasting and prayer. I would like to ask each of you to seek the Lord and ask Him how He would have you fast and pray over the next two weeks. Let’s make praying against this virus, both on our island and around the world, our top priority. Let’s fast and believe for breakthrough. Let’s put our faith into practice and let’s pray this pandemic out of existence! Let’s be leaders on our island by flexing the spiritual power that God has given us to call upon Him to intervene. Let us be like the high priest Aaron who took the incense into the middle of the plague and declared “it stops here!” In our home groups, phone calls, teleconference gatherings, etc, let us agree together in prayer and fasting against COVID-19. We will be doing our first virtual corporate prayer meeting on Zoom this Tuesday, March 24th @ 6:30pm. 

Finally, the leadership team will also be working on a strategy to make sure we are all staying connected. This includes mobilizing the church to check in on our kupuna, provide care when needed, and make sure everyone is getting regular contact each week. This is us being the church as we purposefully maintain relationship with one another!

Here is a deeper look at how all of our ministries will be affected for the next two weeks:

    • Sunday service for March 22nd & 29th will be on-line only as we gather in small groups in homes to watch the service together and minister to one another.

    • Belong Groups:
      • King’s Daughters Belong Group is cancelled on Friday, March 20th.
      • Legacy Luncheon Belong Group is cancelled on March 25th.
      • Home groups have the option of meeting as usual (as long as the attendance is 10 to 15 or less) or using Zoom to have face-to-face virtual meetings.
      • Reach out to your Belong Group facilitator to find out how your Belong Group is meeting.

    • Corporate prayer meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, March 24th @ 6:30pm to do spiritual warfare against the coronavirus!

    • Ohana nights are cancelled on March 20th (Game Show Night) and April 10th (Egg Hunt).

    • COTB Mobile will go out this Sunday, March 22nd, with a modified format. We still want to serve our homeless and working poor in these difficult times. 

    • Our Rooted Groups will continue as normal with the option of using Zoom if they choose.

    • Inversion Youth will meet as usual as the group is still smaller than 15.

    • Our Team Captain Training night on March 29th will be conducted via Zoom.

    • We have not made any decisions yet regarding Easter as it is still a couple of weeks away.

    • Our Argentina Missions Trip is most likely cancelled as our ability to fundraise and plan international travel are going to be extremely limited at this time.

Let’s continue to practice the five basic prevention techniques as shared by the WHO:

    • Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds
    • Cough/sneeze into your elbow or your shoulder, not your hands
    • Don’t touch your face
    • Try to stay about 3 feet away from others
    • Stay home if you feel sick

While these are certainly stressful times, they are also exciting times. The field is ripe for the harvest. People are hurting and confused and we have the amazing privilege as followers of Christ to share the good news of the gospel with them. God is shaking the church up. He is breaking us out of our comfortable habits and preparing us for revival. He is going to stretch what we are used to and increase our capacity to bring in a greater harvest and make a greater impact in the world!!

We will continue to be flexible and make changes as more information becomes available. We will re-evaluate all of these decisions weekly (and maybe even daily). If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.

God bless,

Pastor Aaron

Kauai Bible Church