Mission Statement

Kaua`i Bible Church welcomes people into a family environment where they can feel loved, build an intimate relationship with God, and be strengthened and supported through their struggles in life. We believe that every person is created by God with great value and great purpose for their lives. Therefore, we want everyone to have an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus and live the abundant life He provides to those that follow Him.

Vision Statement

Kaua`i Bible Church will grow consistently in a healthy environment to the point that: 

  • we reach a critical mass where every demographic on Kauai is well represented in the church and has multiple places to connect.

  • we have more than enough volunteers to fill every role. 

  • every member of the church is being equipped and discipled in their unique giftings to fulfill God’s purpose for this season of their lives
  • we will need a new facility by 2022 to contain all of the people and all of the ministry that is taking place

Purpose/Value Statement

These are the values that will guide us to fulfilling our mission & vision: 

The Word of God

We believe that the Bible provides us with everything we need to know God and to live the life He has called us to. We teach the full counsel of the word of God to all ages in the church. We encourage every believer to consistently read and study the Bible both individually and in groups.


Kauai Bible Church was originally founded as a prayer meeting in 1972. Prayer has always been at the core of who we are. We believe that prayer brings supernatural results as God is stirred to action. We teach the discipline of both private, personal prayer and corporate prayer along with fasting. 

Powerful Worship

We believe in the admonition of Jesus that worship should be done in spirit and in truth. We foster an environment of passionate and expressive worship. We are a people driven by the presence of God that we experience through worship. God speaks prophetically through our worship services. 


We believe that the power of the Holy Spirit is available to all believers. We create opportunities for every believer
 to experience the baptism and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We want everyone in the church to be able to follow the leading of the Spirit and minister in the power of the Spirit in their daily lives. 


The great commission commands us to make disciples of followers of Jesus. We are a 2nd Timothy 2:2 community where the teachings of God are continually passed on from one believer to another. We teach, train, guide, encourage, admonish, and correct to help every believer continue on the path towards spiritual maturity. We strive to present every believer before Christ mature and complete in their faith. 


We are an ohana community where everyone is treated like family. Our church provides a family atmosphere for those that are alone or don’t have any family on the island. As a family, we work together, play together, stick together through the ups and downs of life, and all play a role in the family being successful.

Selfless Service

We exist to serve the needs of those in our community. We are passionate about serving those both inside and outside the church without expecting anything in return. We serve through large community events and through meeting individual needs. We are encouragers, building people up to achieve their full potential and helping them to persevere in life.

Spirit of Excellence

We strive for excellence in all of our services and ministries. We show people how important they are by how well we prepare. We provide relevant and dynamic services to engage those of all ages and backgrounds. We want to attract people to the community of God through how well we present and relate the truths of God to the present day culture. 


We believe the church should not only welcome all generations, but value them by providing places of ministry and purpose for each season of life. We desire to see different generations worshipping and ministering together. We provide a place for older generations to mentor and provide guidance to younger generations. 


We encourage an atmosphere where people can be genuine and authentic. This includes being vulnerable and transparent about our struggles as well as celebrating our victories. This atmosphere begins with the integrity and transparency of our leadership team. 


We are a giving people. We are generous with our time, our finances, and our skills. We believe that everything we have comes from God and we freely give it back to serve the greater purpose of God’s kingdom. Our people give sacrificially with cheerful hearts.


We believe that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Unity is the key to the church reflecting the glory of God in the community. We resolve our differences through healthy confrontation and healthy communication. We focus on the truths and beliefs that unify us and stay committed to fulfilling the vision of the church together. 


Kindness is our best evangelism strategy. We want to win people to the kingdom of God through how well we love them and treat them. We equip believers on how to build relationships and share their faith. We provide opportunities at church services and community outreaches for people to become followers of Jesus.

Equipping & Sending

We are called, not only to Kauai, but to the nations of the world. We will the nurture the heart of missions through praying, giving, and short term mission trips. As people receive the call of God to a city or nation, we will equip them to be missionaries and/or church planters and send them out as a part of the extended Kauai Bible Church family around the world.